Fire Sprinkler Installation Extension; Washington State informs us of an extension for bar and nightclub owners to retrofit their businesses with fire sprinklers. From the article;

A bill giving nightclub owners throughout the state a two-year deadline extension for installing costly fire suppression systems passed this year’s Legislature.”

While I don’t disagree that retrofiting a building with fire sprinklers can be a financial burden the benefits out-weigh the costs. Just ask the guy whose business has burned down and now has to start from scratch. Not to mention most insurance companies offer discounts for sprinklered buildings.


National Residential Fire Sprinklers Webcast


“. . . the International Residential Code (IRC) Fire Sprinkler Coalition today announced plans to host a free educational Web cast on home fire sprinklers. The program will broadcast on May 3, 2007, 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.”

If at all possible I will be attending this webcast. Sounds informational. Fire Sprinklers are not required in single family dwellings where I live but they are in other parts of the State. To register for the webcast go here.

UPDATE: Unfortunately I was not able to attend this. I will look for it in reruns.
UPDATE: Just found and ordered the free CD of the webcast at the IRC Fire Sprinkler Coalition website.

New NFSA Textbook

The new NFSA (National Fire Sprinkler Association) “Layout, Detail and Calculation of Fire Sprinkler Systems” textbook arrived today in our office. I’m excited to dive right in and start reading. It is a monster. It’s the size of a phonebook. The book is written by NFSA technical staff and edited by NFSA Vice President of Engineering, Ken Isman.

I’ve been looking for a good study guide for level I & II NICET certification and this looks like the right resource. I’ll post more on the book in the future.