Cha Cha Cha Changes (a post from 5-10-2008)

There’s a big, yet subtle, change to this site. If you look to the side bar in the widget labeled “E-MAIL” you’ll notice that I’ve listed my personal e-mail address.  I mean the other e-mail was my personal account as well the big difference is, is that the old e-mail didn’t contain my name . . . this one does.  The “at” in parentheses is just to keep the “spammers” from filling my in-box with every adulterous, raunch and pathetic information they think I want, or need to see.

I’ve decided how could I possibly have any credibility if I’m not totally transparent? Furthermore, how could I expect anyone to leave their e-mail when commenting (even though commenter’s e-mail addresses are, and always will be kept invisible, inaccessible and confidential to other readers. Unless someone chooses to leave a link to their e-mail address in their comment) if I don’t “take the mask off,” so to speak? I always felt kind of unaccredited being anonymous with my e-mail address anyway.

So, the “Under New Management” masthead is not totally superficial. I have a different take on the way this site should be run. So let’s roll with it. I hope this new change will invite more people into a discussion. And that’s ultimately why I started this in the first place.

The Mission of “Fire Sprinklers; An Online Shoebox for News Notes and Information”

I’m facinated by technology especially the blog phenomenon. The speed at which we can share information these days is blinding. When I first thought of doing a blog I thought about how I would approach it. What would it be about? What would be the purpose? I came to the conclusion that I would chronical my career. The analogy of a shoebox came to mind. That’s right I’ll think of this as my online shoebox where I’ll store news, notes and information that I can recall easily in the future. If I’m lucky, this shoebox will provide a venue to meet, share and discuss with others information pertaining to the industry of water based fire protection systems.

If you are here, reading this, drop a note in the comments box. Or, e-mail at eldulle(at)gmail(dot)com.

My role in the industry is as a salesman. Mostly, I’m a student trying to retain the information I’ve learned and keep up with changes that seem to come so fast.


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