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Sprinkler Save Times Fifty

Sprinkler TreeSince early 1985 the Pleasantview, Illinois Fire Protection District has been tracking [link to article] sprinkler saves in a unique way. With the help of a local sprinkler contractor they’ve built what they call a “sprinkler tree” that is displayed outside of the fire protection bureau’s office (pictured: Fire Marshal Dan Tholotowsky (front) and Deputy Fire Marshal Art D’Andrea (back) of the Pleasantview Fire Protection District (IL) and Rich Ray (center) of Cybor Fire Protection. [PRNewsFoto/Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board]). The tree includes the fire sprinkler that saved the property, photo plaques of the buildings and a short description of the fire.

The celebrated 50th addition to the sprinkler tree occurred at Best-Way Refinishing in Hodgkins. Sprinklers controlled a fire that began in paint spray booth filters during process work.”

Good Stuff! []

Des Plaines, Illinois Expands Sprinkler Requirement

The Daily Herald News reports Des Plaines, Illinois expanded their sprinkler requirement in single family dwellings Monday night. All new homes currently built in Des Plaines already require the inclusion of sprinkler systems. Now, major renovations to a house will also require the addition of sprinklers to a structure. The article states that;

The new rule is aimed at closing a loophole that allowed contractors to demolish an entire house except for one wall, yet call it ‘remodeling.'”

It’s amazing to me what contractors will apparently do to avoid sprinklering a home. Who are these people that would bulldoze an entire house except for one wall to avoid installing sprinklers? And what home buyer takes the bait and hook? “Yes, Mr. Home buyer I’ve got a plan that’s going to save you money and compromise your life safety for years to come. That’s right we’ll knock down every wall except for one that way we’ll avoid installing those pesky sprinklers.” Unbelievable. It seems like an extreme measure to me just to avoid a building requirement.

Sprinkler Saves 08-01-07

A few sprinkler saves to report.

The Northwest Florida Daily News reports a save at a Sandestin area hotel. The article explains that there were no injuries, and damages were held to $1,500.00.

On the other side of the State in Daytona Beach, Florida two apartment workers rescued a man from his apartment as a sprinkler kept the fire in check. The article reports that the workers were able to get the man, suffering from diabetic shock, out of his apartment and fully extinguish the blaze with fire extinguishers. []

The ABC affiliate in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (WPDE Channel 15) goes into great detail to report a sprinkler save in the trash collection room of a North Myrtle Beach resort Hotel.

And finally from Springfield, Massachusetts. Even though the Fire Department reports that fire sprinklers “complicated their efforts” (because you’re not supposed to put, “water on burning metal”) I’ll count this as a save. I have a feeling things could’ve been much worse had there been no sprinklers. [The Republican;]

Huntley Summary

Huntley, Illinois is appearing in a lot of my google searches lately. I thought I’d offer a post that links to most of the articles I found. All the articles I’ve seen are from the Northwest Herald website. You can find them here, here and here. Though I do believe these links will eventually not work (as I found another article but is inaccessible behind archiving fees) they are informative and include comments from local readers/residents.

One of the commentators in the news paper linked to a forum for Huntley residents. A positive barometer for the Huntley Fire Department. However, indications of a comment left by a member of the Huntley Village Board of Trustees are that if this issue had been put to a vote the sprinkler requirement would no longer exist. The Trustee warns her fellow forum participants that the forum is not enough to get their opinions heard. She’s encouraging participation in board meetings or writing a letter if board meeting attendance is not possible.

Just reading through all the articles and the comments a vote should not be rushed and held anytime soon. The village board doesn’t even seem to be all that informed in the entire matter. That’s dangerous because the ultimate decision will be left up to them by majority vote.