Vote Res

This is where you’ll find a list of people (besides fire sprinkler contractors) lobbying for Residential Sprinkers in “the Code.”

Mutual Aid; “Is a National Residential Fire Sprinkler Requirement Close?”, “Chiefs, Codes & Sprinklers”; “Back to the Core Values”, “Noisy Opposition Won’t Win”

Fire Team Usa

Fire Team Tennessee

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

Home Safety Council

Residential Fire Safety Institute


2 thoughts on “Vote Res

  1. The Residential Fire Safety Institute (RFSI) is also a source of valuable information related to home fire safety. The RFSI is a 25-year-old public interest group promoting fire-safe homes through built-in fire protection (sprinklers and smoke alarms) and fire safety education. Residential fires account for 80% of all fire deaths. RFSI’s mission is to improve that dubious record (

    The RFSI works with AHJ’s to be their impartial voice toward getting a residential sprinkler ordinance written and passed at the local level.

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