What To Do While Away (a residential problem)

Peters Township, Pennsylvania requires residential sprinkler systems in certain types residences called “Patio Homes.” Some of the people who live in these types of homes and communities winter in Florida and do not maintain adequate heat in the home to prevent the system from freezing.  The town council has been considering ways to help residents prevent their fire sprinkler systems from freezing up.  One of which is to deactivate and drain the system.

In an effort to assist the property owners, council presented a draft ordinance that would permit property owners to disconnect the sprinklers if the residents were to be out of town a month or more.

I tend to agree that this is a viable option since residential systems are designed more for the purpose of slowing a fire down to allow the residents more time to evacuate.  In other words, fire sprinkler systems in homes are designed more for the protection of life than property.  If no one is around shut the system down and spare property owners the expense and hassle of converting to antifreeze.  [The Almanac]


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