Making Strides in Residential Sprinklers

Lots of good information from the Fire Sprinkler Initiative this month in regard to residential fire sprinklers.

California has been requiring residential sprinklers in one and two family dwellings since 2011.  At a recent event, fire sprinkler representatives demonstrated how the industry is striving for ways to make the systems more aesthetically pleasing if not invisible.

… the look and reliability of sprinkler heads will make them a viable option for more and more homeowners across the U.S., said Grady Smith, a sprinkler rep at the PCBC conference. “The latest versions of sprinklers are more aesthetically pleasing and can be installed in more places inside your home. It comes in any color so it’s almost invisible on the wall.”

Interesting article on the cost of installation for home fire sprinklers.

If you would like to join a coalition to help promote home fires sprinklers in your state click here to help spread the word through your social media and networking sites.


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