Fire Sprinkler Academy

A colleague of mine sent me the following information regarding college credits that are going to be offered for training in the fire sprinkler business.    The great part is, you can take these classes at you’re home computer.  If you’re interested let them know.

Subject: Fire Sprinkler Academy

Could you send this on to EVERYONE you know that might be interested? We already have people from six states and the country of Portugal participating!

With much thanks,

Cecil Bilbo
Academy of Fire Sprinkler Technology, Inc.

We are pleased to bring you a chance to earn COLLEGE CREDIT for online classes offered by the Academy and Parkland College. Please see the announcement below for more information. If you have any questions, send an email to info[at]sprinkleracademy[dot]com,  or visit

Fire Sprinkler Academy – College Credit classes ONLINE
Receive college credit towards the Sprinkler System Technology Degree on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings

Price: $250 per credit hour
Date: Begins Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Time: 6:00pm – 8:30pm
Location: From your computer and phone
Phone: 217.649.0344
Email: info[at]sprinkleracademy[dot]com

Earn College Credit on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-8:30pm beginning AUG 25, 2009. Six hours of credit will be available through live online classes during the 2009 fall semester.
Register at

SST 001 Basic Hydraulics – Step-by-Step Fridays 1-3pm Central
Live Online Training in Sprinkler System Hydraulics (5 week class)

Price: $500 per student (ask about single site/multi-user discount)
Date: Begins Friday, September 11, 2009
Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Location: Online with your computer and phone

Phone: 217-649-0344
Email: info[at]sprinkleracademy[dot]com

Five Week class to learn all of the fundamentals of hydraulic calculations for fire sprinkler systems. This class will meet five times on Friday afternoons from 11 SEP to 09 OCT 2009. Everyone welcome.

Register at


3 thoughts on “Fire Sprinkler Academy

  1. There is so much to learn from fire sprinklers. The world needs many more people who are knowledgeable about fire sprinkler systems. The designers of Sprinkler systems must know so much about water gravity, suppression displacement and coverage and so many other things. A person in this industry that actually takes the time to be taught about the fire sprinkler systems is worth 4 people who have learned by experience. because within a short amount of time that professionally trained person will have problem solving knowledge handed down through many years and extensive study, nothing will no one will come close to what that person can do.
    If you have the chance to learn , do it.
    The world needs more fire safety.

  2. As more and more states sign up to the new mandatory fire sprinkler legislation there is going to be a lot of work out there for skilled and knowledgeable fire sprinkler engineers so now is the perfect time to learn!

    The legislation will come into affect 2011.

  3. I honestly had no idea fire sprinklers required so much education and attention to detail. I always just kind of figured you throw them up, and let them do what they do when they need to do it! I found this blog by trying to find information on starting a firefighting career, so its good to know if something doesn’t work out there is still another career field that would let me save lives. Thanks for the information!

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