Blogging is definitely NOT like riding a bicycle. It takes effort, and most of all time, to put some of this stuff together. I am back on track and will continue to post when time allows. I’ve been run ragged over the last couple of weeks and it’s only bound to get worse as my wife and I are expecting any day now. Please be patient.

One of the topics I’ve been paying really close attention to is Huntley, Illinois. The village board is considering rescinding a two year old requirement for sprinklers in single family dwellings. I’m pretty sure the vote by the village board is Thursday night. I know the vote is planned for early September. I’m just not sure if is this week or next. We’ll know by Friday morning if it’s this week.

Huntley Neighbors is a forum where residents are able to post comments, opinions and discuss neighborhood issues. The sprinkler requirement has been one such topic debated in the forum. This thread even has a poll of residents revealing where residents stand regarding the requirement.

I’m following this story closely because I believe it could have wider implications across the nation for those jurisdictions whom have also set sprinkler requirements for single family homes and more importantly for those cities considering such a requirement.


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