Des Plaines, Illinois Expands Sprinkler Requirement

The Daily Herald News reports Des Plaines, Illinois expanded their sprinkler requirement in single family dwellings Monday night. All new homes currently built in Des Plaines already require the inclusion of sprinkler systems. Now, major renovations to a house will also require the addition of sprinklers to a structure. The article states that;

The new rule is aimed at closing a loophole that allowed contractors to demolish an entire house except for one wall, yet call it ‘remodeling.'”

It’s amazing to me what contractors will apparently do to avoid sprinklering a home. Who are these people that would bulldoze an entire house except for one wall to avoid installing sprinklers? And what home buyer takes the bait and hook? “Yes, Mr. Home buyer I’ve got a plan that’s going to save you money and compromise your life safety for years to come. That’s right we’ll knock down every wall except for one that way we’ll avoid installing those pesky sprinklers.” Unbelievable. It seems like an extreme measure to me just to avoid a building requirement.


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