Sprinkler Saves 08-01-07

A few sprinkler saves to report.

The Northwest Florida Daily News reports a save at a Sandestin area hotel. The article explains that there were no injuries, and damages were held to $1,500.00.

On the other side of the State in Daytona Beach, Florida two apartment workers rescued a man from his apartment as a sprinkler kept the fire in check. The article reports that the workers were able to get the man, suffering from diabetic shock, out of his apartment and fully extinguish the blaze with fire extinguishers. [orlandosentinel.com]

The ABC affiliate in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (WPDE Channel 15) goes into great detail to report a sprinkler save in the trash collection room of a North Myrtle Beach resort Hotel.

And finally from Springfield, Massachusetts. Even though the Fire Department reports that fire sprinklers “complicated their efforts” (because you’re not supposed to put, “water on burning metal”) I’ll count this as a save. I have a feeling things could’ve been much worse had there been no sprinklers. [The Republican; masslive.com]


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