Two Sprinkler Saves Before Total Loss

Fire destroyed a warehouse in Bartow, Florida. The weird thing about this is that the warehouse was equipped with fire sprinklers that successfully controlled two other blazes preceding the total loss. According to the article in the Ledger Online;

It’s the third time in as many months that fire inspectors have been to PrecisionAire at 100 N. Crown Ave. The first two incidents, on April 18 and July 2, destroyed air filters ready for shipment but did minimal damage to the building, according to fire reports. Both fires were still under investigation when Tuesday’s blaze broke out.

The rash of fires has led investigators to consider arson as they continue looking into the cause of this blaze, said Lt. Brandon Ball of the state Fire Marshal’s Office.

The company’s overhead sprinklers kept the first two fires in check until firefighters got to the scene, and a supervisor on duty Tuesday night said the sprinklers activated in this instance as well, it just wasn’t enough.”

I doubt I’ll ever be privy to the information regarding the design of the system but it would be interesting to find out if the sprinkler system was designed to proper densities for the storage height etc. The article also mentions that the two previous sprinkler saves spurred fire officials to inspect the property and order some modifications to the sprinkler system. I’ll keep my eye out for follow up on this story.


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