Another Fire District Wants Residential Sprinkler Requirement

This is a well written article from The author does a really good job of getting both sides of the argument for, and against sprinklers. He even investigated cost (even though he gives a blanket cost of $3,000.00 per home) for sprinkler systems. And, reports on two insurance companies and the discounts they offer for insuring a sprinklered home. However, I don’t think we can truly gauge installation costs, insurance discounts, etc., until residential sprinklers become more widespread.

One nugget I took from this article is a home builder who actually embraces the idea of sprinkler systems in homes. Nicholas Homes in Scottsdale, AZ not only offers sprinklers as an option but embraces when they’re “required to put them in.”

It gives homeowners peace of mind,” said Jim Carlson, senior vice president of Nicholas Homes. “We’re glad to offer them and, when we’re required to put them in, we support it.”

The most impressive thing I took from this article is that the Scottsdale, AZ fire department did their own 15 year research project on sprinkler performance.

If you’ve been following the development of sprinkler requirements in residential occupancies the article is a good read.


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