More on the Desert Water Agency

I posted last week regarding the Desert Water Ageny out in California over stepping their bounds. This article goes into a little more depth about both sides of the argument. [] My assumptions were nails on though. The water agency wants the water metered because they are afraid people are going to tap into the sprinler system and steal water. The article states that,

The DWA has never had a problem with the meters it has used, Luker said. It makes sense to keep the meters they have been using because then both water for people’s taps and fire sprinklers come from the same place, he said. It’s clear then if there is a problem with the water system if your sink doesn’t flow, he said.”

I stand by my original statement that there are listed backflow preventers to detect such abuses. The flow from a “sink” is different than the flow and pressure required to supply a sprinkler system.


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