Losing Battles, Winning War

More good stuff from firehouse.com. Meri-K Appy Firehouse contributor explains that the opposition to residential fire sprinklers may be noisy but that’s about all.

Fortunately, the opposition may be noisy but it is not winning the battle. Safety advocates have helped bring about regulatory change to improve home fire safety and today there are more than 200 local ordinances requiring fire sprinkler systems in new single-family home construction. Older nursing homes may finally get sprinkler protection as well, now that the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has taken action in an effort to update 2,500 existing nursing homes. What’s more, last year national building and fire codes formalized single-family home sprinkler requirements for the first time ever; a move widely anticipated to accelerate acceptance of local regulations as municipalities begin to update their codes in coming months.”

My title refers to the residential sprinkler requirement being defeated at the IRC hearing last month in Rochester, New York. That was a loss but a win at the same time. Residential sprinklers recieved more support than ever before at the hearing and, the way I understand it, the requirement would’ve been passed had only a simple majority vote been required. It’s true though that municipalities and jurisdictions are making sprinklers mandatory in one and two family dwellings despite the requirment not being in the code (I didn’t realize it was as high as 200).

Check the “Vote Res” page as I have added some resources that will be helpful.


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