Winterized; Never DE-winterizED

This article from Newslink Indiana leaves more questions than answers that’s for sure. I’m concerned about the “Thompson Building’s” method of “winterizing” their system.

Gorrell said the fire started in storage and office space at the north end of the building. Firefighters didn’t recieve any help from the building’s fire sprinklers, which were turned off.

‘They were shut off because they wanted to winterize it – because they were afraid the pipes were going to freeze – and never turned them back on,’ Gorrell said.”

By “winterizing” their sprinkler system do they mean turn it off? Completely? For the whole winter? The building isn’t heated? Is the building unoccupied in the winter (or year around)? If the building is occupied in the winter, what happens if there is a fire? Well, I guess the result is the one they got Thursday . . . the place burns down.

The article reports devastation, but paraphrases the Mayor as saying, “the main assets of the building are still in good shape.”

The article makes it sound like the business had employees. But it also states their were, ” . . . Companies interested in buying the ‘Thompson Building.'”

Bottom line is the fire sprinkler system should’ve never been shut off for that length of time. I don’t know. Read the article. Decide for yourself. I’m baffled by the story. Hit the comments if you figure this one out.


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