Residential Sprinkler Requirement? Not Yet.

Well, word has hit the street. There won’t be a residential sprinkler requirement for single family homes in the next edition of the International Residential Code (IRC). However, from the way this article puts it, it’s only a matter of time. According to the article “well over” half of the voting members supported the adoption of the requirment but because this vote needed a “supermajority” (a two-thirds vote) rather than a simple majority, the requirment was not adopted. []

Our level of support in Rochester was nothing short of astounding. I’ve been a proponent of residential sprinklers for many years, and to see what the IRC Fire Sprinkler Coalition has accomplished in less than six months to rally this cause gives me great confidence in the future of residential sprinklers,” said Ronny J. Coleman, former California state fire marshal. “It’s now clear to me that the question is no longer if we’ll have a national requirement for residential sprinklers, but when, and I think it will happen soon.”

I’ll keep the “Vote Res” page up and add to it as I come across articles and organizations supporting the effort.


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