Fire Chiefs Pushing Residential Sprinklers

Fire Chiefs all over the country are talking about the upcoming ICC Final Action Hearing in Rochester, New York May 22-24. This article is just one example.

This is important to them, naturally, because they see so many people injured and killed in residential fires. Fire Chiefs are convinced a requirement for sprinklers in one and two family dwellings is a good idea. Let me say that again, FIRE CHIEFS and other fire personnel are convinced the installation of fire sprinklers should be code, law, and standard for the construction of homes. Why? Because they know that smoke detectors can’t alone save lives. They leave too much to bad decisions in emergency situations. But the combination of sprinklers and detectors will reduce (even eliminate?) the number of fire fatalities drastically.

I stress the fact that fire professionals are for residential sprinklers in the code because, as a salesman in the fire sprinkler business, I look like a money grabbing opportunist for lobbying for it. Those who actually go out and fight the fires add street cred and legitimacy. Beside the fact that fire sprinklers have already proven themselves in commercial buildings. Just check one, of any number, of the sprinkler saves I’ve posted.

Look for another corner in this shoebox for a list of Fire Chiefs and other fire professionals who are blogging and writing about this subject. [Mutual Aid]


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