Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

I stumbled across an interesting article about research funded by U.L. and the Fire Protection Research Foundation. It’s a study on the changing materials that are used to build. It appears the synthetic materials that are being used have different smoke characterisics than the natural materials used previously. The research will be used to change everything from how fire fighters respond and attack fires to how smoke alarms are designed to detect smoke.

The line of the article that rattled me most was,

At one time you had approximately 17 minutes on average to get out of the house after the alarm sounded before flashover,” Drengenberg tells said. “Today that time frame has been reduced to as little as three minutes in certain situations. So when that alarm goes off, you don’t investigate; it’s time to get out.”

If my math is correct we have just over 82% less time to escape from a fire. Nothing screams the need for a solution that will buy us more time to evacuate more than that statistic. Don’t get me wrong I’m not advocating sprinklers in place of smoke detectors. But fire sprinklers give us more time to evacuate by controlling or even suppressing a fire. [msnbc.msn.com]


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