Yard Sprinklers Save Properties From Forest Fires

This is an amazing article about yard sprinklers that saved a mans property from the raveges of a forest fire along the gunflint trail in Minnesota. These aren’t the types of systems I’m involved in but I find this facinating. Whether or not you’re into fire protection the article is a must read.

It’s incredible to think how this will change the future of how we respond to forest fires to protect property and how these systems will change and develop. At this point, unlike fire spinklers in buildings, it appears these sprinklers must be activated manually, a life safety issue for sure. Here’s a little snipit from the article.

After a 1999 windstorm downed millions of trees in the area, some people began promoting sprinkler systems as a way to protect homes, cabins and resorts from the long-term fire danger. The systems use gasoline or propane pumps to suck water out of lakes or streams and force it through sprinkler heads to soak buildings and yards.

Skeptics had doubted that simply spraying water on buildings could stop a full-force wildfire.

But dozens of still-standing buildings are proving them wrong. Of the more than 45 structures that have burned in the Ham Lake fire as of Wednesday, only one or two had operating sprinklers.

“Basically, the buildings with sprinklers are still there. Those that didn’t have them are gone,” said Don Kufahl, a lieutenant with the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department. He estimated about one-third of Gunflint Trail property owners have sprinkler systems.”



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